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The Foundation of Environmental and Resource Economists functions since 1992. It realizes the following statutory objectives:

  • Promotion of knowledge in the area of ecology, environmental protection and economics
  • Development of contacts with national and international experts and institutions dealing with the problems of ecology, environmental protection and economy
  • Focusing the attention of scientists, teachers and social and economic activists on the Foundation and its objectives.

These objectives are being realized by:

  • Publishing
  • Organization, co-organization and participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and fairs on ecology, environmental protection and economy
  • Initiating and conducting research in the area of environmental protection, ecology and economics.

The Foundation publishes two journals. Its flag ship publication is the quarterly „Ekonomia i Środowisko” („Economics and Environment”). This titel is placed in alphabetical order on the List B of Journals created annually by the Polish Ministry of Science and High Education and in 2016 got 12 points. Up to now, 61 issues have been published, from 2017 in English.

The Economics and Environment Publishers, functioning within the structure of the Foundation, have so far published over 140 books, including scientific books, brochures, photo albums and dictionaries.

The Foundation has already organized 25 conferences, contests and workshops, including 3 on the international level. Amongst them are:

  1. National Contest „Piękna Wieś” (Beautiful Village) – for five years;
  2. Ozone Campaign – Polska 97/98, an educational initiative started in Europe by WWF;
  3. „Science for Environmental Protection and Nature” – contest organized by the Ministry of Environment for the selection of best academic dissertations;
  4. National Campaign of „Day Without Car” – 2002, 2003.